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Sound & Motion


Sound & Motion is a netlabel based in El Salvador. Founded and directed by Sound & Motion (electronic & dance producers from El Salvador) with intent to diffuse, house and educate potential future artists of the electronic music scene in all possible aspects. Our tastes are based on the experimental sounds aimed at the dancefloor, in genres such as Techno, Minimal, Progressive House, Deep House, etc.

If you are interested to be part of our netlabel, please send us a download link of your work* to the following email: and we will be happy to hear new talent.

* The material must be in MP3 320kbps.



Sound & Motion es un netlabel con sede en El Salvador. Fundado y dirigido por Sound & Motion (productores de música electrónica de El Salvador) con intenciones de difundir, albergar y educar a futuros potenciales artistas de la escena de la música electrónica en todos los aspectos posibles. Nuestros gustos están basados en los sonidos experimentales orientados a la pista de baile, en generos como el Techno, Minimal, Progressive House, Deep House, etc.

Si esta interesado ser parte de nuestro netlabel, no dude en enviarnos un link de descarga de su material* a este correo:; estaremos felices de escuchar a nuevos talentos.

* El material debe estar en MP3 a 320kbps

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Date Archived
Sound & Motion
by B.I.B.
We love to have new artists in our netlabel. It is always pleasing to have new sounds from producers that have something to say, something to tell to the audience. This is the case of our seventh release, being the debut of Argentinean Techno and Minimal producer Bruno Ivo Vasc Treri, better known in the scene as B.I.B. In this occasion we go back to the roots of Sound & Motion: A two side release. The A Side is a Dub Techno track titled “Brain Damage”, the reason of the release title....
Topics: sound, motion, yettken, b.i.b., bib, brain, damage, clock, minimal, techno, dub, dark, vocal,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
We're back (well, we never left)! Now we're with the magical 10th release of Sound & Motion, in charge of Sound & Motion (You didn't see that comin', did you?). But, you know, sometimes we have to release some lovely exclusive stuff that's been on the HDD for long time, waiting for someone to listen to it. So, instead of releasing some original stuff (by the way, wait a little bit more 'cause they'll release a new EP with some BRAND NEW ORIGINAL TRACKS soon!), let's thank YetTken for...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: yettken, remix, baboon, version, gooby, dolan, somo, sound, motion, netlabel, netaudio
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Julian Dep
Ok, 2013 here we come! Time for our 14th EP release! And this time, we'd like to welcome back a great producer: Julian Dep. You might remember Julian from our first LP titled So Far, on which he collaborated with the track "Synth". Perhaps the name is simple, but that track is one of those unexpected composition jewels you rarely find on Electronic & Dance music. It had everything you wanted to: A great kick, a good bass and some actual melodies! Those plucks and keys are awesome...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: julian, dep, sound, motion, argentina, argentinean, progressive, house, dj, techno, thalion,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Various Artists
Tracklist: Part 1: Soundroom 01. Zreen Toyz - Beyond Infinite Caves (Original Mix) [Buddhist On Fire 034] 02. Holobody - Coda (Original Mix) [Bad Panda Records 168] 03. Enko - Dublicat (Original Mix) [Bypass 063] 04. Babylon Disco - Manwise (Original Mix) [Chase Records 040] 05. RealiTVersion - Pop Corn & Coke (Original Mix) [Sound & Motion 011] 06. Vela - Stories (Original Mix) [Breathe 018] Part 2: Motionroom 07. Chord - Strange The Walls (Original Mix) [Basic Sounds 025] 08. Paul...
Topics: sound, motion, realitversion, nanoloopsis, dj-mix, cd-mix, lp, somolp02, dast, net, recordings,...
Source: Digital Recording
Sound & Motion
Another release in Sound & Motion! After the success of our first compilation, we're back with our EPs. This new release was in charge of one of the most promising salvadorean artist who also appeared on our first compilation. We are talking about Carmen Zúniga, better known as Camy. The title for this release is the best way to describe the two amazing tracks she brings us: "Through Your Memories Of Love." First, kickin' things is "Through My Window," a lovely track...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: sound, motion, netlabel, camy, remix, rainy, afternoon, afternoons, rain, somo, original, lovely,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by KaTaa Vs. YetTken
After a little break, Sound & Motion is back! And we bring you a special release featuring two remakes of KaTaa's "Farblos" by YetTken, titled "Farblos.2" The A-Side track is the "Reform" version of Farblos.2. Being an intense Minimal Techno track the original version, in this one YetTken makes a rework aiming to dance floor's peak time. Layered Housey percussions and a repetitive synth, with multiple breadowns until reaching the best part of the track by...
Topics: sound, motion, techno, minimal, original, mix, rework, remix, rebuild, reform
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Various Artists
01. Armida Vs. RealiTVersion - Cold Sea 02. Julian Dep - Synth 03. Camy - Alucinaba 04. KaTaa Vs. YetTken - Farblos.2 (WTF) 05. Armida - Yes, A War Is Coming 06. B.I.B. - El Caracol 07. WorkLeft - McLovin' 08. YetTken - Something 09. Drugstore - Win Or Go Home 10. Playground - Spleen (RealiTVersion Melancholia Mix) Sound & Motion presents its first compilation ever, celebrating "a lo grande" with some known artists from the house, along with new ones joining. Armida from El...
Topics: sound, motion, armida, yettken, kataa, workleft, playground, camy, julian, dep, drugstore
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
Ok, 12th EP release. A very special release. "Why", you ask? Well... THIS IS SOUND & MOTION'S THIRD ANNIVERSARY! THREE FUCKING YEARS!!! So, let's celebrate with a release from the "Speakerheads" themselves, Armida and YetTken, also known as Sound & Motion. On this 3 years of Sound & Motion, a lot of things have changed. The "only experimental and dark sounds" policy has been politely FUCKED TO DEATH. This happened for the sake of music and the always...
Topics: netlabel, music, creative, commons, sound, motion, netaudio, free, nu-disco, nudisco, nu, disco,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by RealiTVersion
Oh, boy! Seems like it's time for 11th (well, 12th) release on Sound & Motion! But this time, there's a little twist... You might remember RealiTVersion from last year's "So Far" LP, which featured some new artists that collaborated with the netlabel. He created "Cold Sea" with Armida, and he also remixed Playground's "Spleen". Both tracks were well received, so we decided to give him a release. He replied to us by e-mail, just writing "Ok, soon!"....
Topics: experiment, experimental, sound, motion, netlabel, netaudio, netradio, original, reality, version,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Blastculture
Ready for another Sound and Motion release? We know you are! This will be the last release of 2012, so we need to celebrate "a lo grande"! And what's better than presenting you a new artist (No, seriously, what's better? We can't think of something better than this)?! Meet Blastculture, from Italy! He has released stuff on well-known netlabels like Deep-X Recordings, Ephedrina, Krata and Noisybeat. This is his first release on Sound & Motion. And oh God, what a release! The first...
Topics: blastculture, ephedrina, krata, noisybeat, deep, deep-x, recordings, netlabel, netaudio,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
Written on October 24th, 2012: Well, having twelve EPs and one LP released so far, Sound & Motion netlabel is growing a good fanbase all around the globe. Sound & Motion is also a DJ duo, but somehow, they've left this particular part abandoned (focusing on music production lately). Well, now it's time to bring back the DJing (and keep the fans happy)! This is the offical "Sound & Motion's Netlabeler Podcast", a monthly podcast which will feature some incredible tracks...
( 1 reviews )
Topics: sound, motion, netlabeler, podcast, mix, dj, unreleased, sessions, armida, kreislauf, krata,...
Source: Digital Recording
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
Written on December 22th, 2012: "It's time for another Netlabeler Podcast! Sooner than usual, by the way... For this one, the DJ in charge is TiECH, a Deep House and Tech-House DJ from El Salvador. He is a close friendo to us and he decided to create a special dj mix with his favorite netaudio tracks (he's becoming a netlabeler, just like us!). For this particular DJ mix, he played tracks from Discos Pegao, Sologroove, Arteqcue, Melódica, ¿Y Por Qué No? Records and other great...
Topics: sound, motion, netlabel, netaudio, netlabelmix, netlabel-mix, creative, commons, remix, melodica,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
Written on November 29th, 2012: "Second episode of our 'Netlabeler Podcast'! This time, the one bringing you the beats is another artist from the house: YetTken. Giving us a wide but coherent selection of netlabel music, YetTken will make you dance in this 55+ minutes mix, featuring some tracks from Deep-X Recordings, Epa Sonidos, Unfoundsound, Flumo, Broque and others. Enjoy this lovely journey of amazing music
Topics: yettken, sound, motion, remix, broque, mix, netlabel, netaudio, netlabeler, podcast, mix, dj,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Playground
"Sound & Motion Records" is now "Sound & Motion"! With a brand new and fresh image and new members on our netlabel we celebrate by having our fourth release. This time frech female producer Playground brings us a release full of agressive beats and melodic tunes with his track "Vanilla Sky" along with remixes. First track is a remix from argentina producer German LM. German LM decided to colaborate with our netlabel with to remixes, this being the first....
( 1 reviews )
Topics: playground, vanilla, sky, yettken, german, lm, remix, white, sound, motion, netlabel, free, somo
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion / YetTken
Sound & Motion's first release (originally released under netlabel name "Sound & Motion Records") comes with two artists directly from the house. The first track "Noise Abuse (Please Stop It!)", created by Sound & Motion, is a Techno track with experimental elements, mixing some Minimal, Electronica and IDM sounds. Noise is the key to this work, and thanks to it, the song becomes a dancefloor massive track yet keeping it's minimalistic touch. "25" by...
Topics: sound, motion, netlabel, free, first, somo, somor, yettken, noise, abuse, stop, please, original
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by Sound & Motion
Sound & Motion is now celebrating it's first year anniversary! And because of that, the sixth release of net netlabel is in charge of the owners. Here, the words of Armida, a part of Sound & Motion. "As Sound & Motion, we have released just one track. One. It is unthinkable, since most of netlabel owners release a lot of originals and remixes in a whole year. But since we have other projects that doesn't involve neither music or the netlabel, it is understandable. When we...
Topics: air, lifting, ixam, digitalized, armida, heavy, atmosphere, house, progressive, deep, techno,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by YetTken
We deliver our second release for the end of 2009. This time we'll have the honor to release YetTken's two-sides EP "Percussions". This EP brings an incredible evolution of YetTken's style and sound, resulting in two very awesome tracks. Side A "Influences" is a imponent Techno track, wich blends nicely with YetTken's Minimal style and creates a very groovy and danceable yet dark and atmospheric dub-style track. With an astonishing bassline, freaking lovely bongos, unique fx...
Topics: yettken, netlabel, somo, sound, motion, original, free, techno, minimal, experimental, influences,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by YetTken
Since the release of "Percussions EP" from YetTken by Sound & Motion, people have been pendant for another release of this Salvadorian artist. Also with his remix of Playground's "Vanilla Sky" he has gained more fans. So now we are proud to present something special: The release of "Influences Remixes", with re-interpretations of YetTken's "Influences" track by four Argentinean producers. The first remix is in charge of Ixam. This producer comes with...
Topics: yettken, influences, sergio, pelaez, ixam, netlabel, sound, motion, techno, minimal, house, german,...
Source: Digital Release
Sound & Motion
by KaTaa
Sound & Motion Records releases his third release, now going House! This time producer KaTaa from Rumania brings us a 2-side EP called "For The HOUSE Spirit". A side track is the original mix of the track that gives the name of the EP. Very basic House music with good percussions and good reverse and crash FXs mark the song until a little breakdown when a synth smoothly blends with the song, giving a nice way to bring energy to the club. B Side track is the remix made by Sound...
Topics: kataa, house, techno, acid, sound, motion, netlabel, records, remix, original, rumania, el...
Source: Digital Release